Stereotype threat und Usability testing

Kann das Stereotype threat Phänomen Einfluss auf Usability Tests haben?

Stereotype threat heisst wörtlich übersetzt: Bedrohung durch Stereotype.
Was ist das genau?
Der Begriff und die Stereotype threat Theorie (STT) wurde von Steele and Aronson (1995) in ihrer Studie erstmalig bezeichnet und folgendermaßen formuliert: “Stereotype threat is being at risk of confirming as self-characteristic, a negative stereotype about one’s group.”

Intercultural Aspects of Interface Design – or: Know who you’re targeting.


Did you ever wonder what to consider when designing for websites which has to be rolled out in different countries with very different cultural backgrounds like e.g. USA, China and Russia?
Since we were faced with that topic in one of our recent projects and did a culture research for one of our clients, I wrote an article about that on the Geekettez website.

You can read it here:

Design means strategy. Deal with it.

We at the Geekettez Studio want to write a little bit more about what we’ve learned so far during our daily work and about our design process and yes, our ‘philosophy’ as (Interaction) Designers.

Since ‘UX Design’ should in best case merge User Needs and Business goals – and there are many businesses which cannot clearly express or tell what exactly their objectives and goals are, or why People should choose them over their competitors – I have now written an article on our blog about Design decisions based on (taaadaaa!) Business Goals. It’s called ‘Design means strategy. Deal with it’.

You can read it here:

PAGE Magazine Feature: Portfolio of the month


I’m excited that our design studio have been featured in this month’s edition of PAGE Magazine, as part of the monthly showcased ‘Portfolio of the month’ section, showcasing some of our work.

PAGE Magazine is Germany’s leading magazine for the design industry both, print and digital.

The printed issues are out now – or you can read the article online here:

German UPA Mitgliedervorstellung

stefanie kegel gupa

Vor ein paar Wochen flatterte eine Mail von der German Usability Professionals Association herein, die danach fragte, ob man sich denn mal als Mitglied persönlich in der neuen Reihe ‘Mitglied der Halbwoche’ vorstellen möchte.

Fragebogen ausgefüllt, und wen es interessiert, wie ich zur Branche kam, welche Herausforderungen und Lösungsansätze es gibt und welche Bücher man denn unbedingt gelesen haben sollte – here we go: