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A breakup track to Silicon Valley’s tech cult.


In 2020, American musician Penelope Scott uploaded some pieces of a song on tik tok. It’s called “Rät”. She called it “breakup letter to the tech cult that is Silicon Valley” and it’s about the false promises and disappointment of technology. “Rät” went viral in November 2020 and could be found on Scott’s album Public Void.

Here’s an excerpt of the lyrics

“They make technology, high quality, complex physiological
Experiments and sacrilege in the name of public good
They taught me everything, just like a daddy should
And you were beautiful and vulnerable and power and success
God damn, I fell for you, your flamethrowers, your tunnels, and your tech
I studied code because I wanted to do something great like you
And the real tragеdy is half of it was true

Also interesting:

(…) the bottom-up model is the only choice. Without the old gatekeepers, in rare cases, indie artists can break outside of the major-label ecosystem. Cannon cites Penelope Scott as a prototypical example. She makes obscure baroque punk, but her music has expanded beyond her niche. Her song “Rät” has “lyrics that are so extremely online” that they’ve inspired thousands of TikTok videos, and that led to Spotify playlists and even a place on Billboard’s Hot Rock & Alternative charts. “That is what gets around the gatekeeper,” says Cannon. “This girl reached 3 million monthly listeners without any coverage.

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