User Experience Design is more than pretty pixels. Good design can reduce frustration, gain trust and support people, businesses and organizations in achieving their goals. Berlin based Stefanie Kegel works since 2007 in the design field as a UX practitioner and consultant and is Partner at the Geekettez Design Studio. Recently she helped mozilla to shape a speech recognition system, evaluated the design of a smart light app from a UX point of view and helped to develop a user-centered design strategy for the IG Metall Jugend.

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Press & Publications

‚Universal UX Design: Building Multicultural User Experience‘, Ferreira, A. (2016) Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann Book Contribution / Case Study. ISBN: 9780128024072

‚Stefanie Kegel on using social psychology in interaction design‘ Interview with Lauren Kelly from Form for thought, 04.2016.

‚More Than Just Pretty: A Guide To UX Design For Startups‘, Interview with Charmaine Li for Factory Berlin, 04.2016

‚Portfolio of the month‘, PAGE magazine Issue, 07.2014 (print & online)

‚Flatterhaft beständig‘, Interview zum Thema Freelancing, weave Magazine, Ausgabe 11.2012

‚Wireframes und Prototyping im Interfacedesign‘, webstandardsmagazin, 03.2009
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Termine & Talks

Evaluating products with users: An introduction to the different types of usability tests‘ / Zum Artikel im Studio Blog [Ladies that UX meetup Berlin, 2017]

‚Intercultural Aspects in Interface Design‘ [upfront meetup Berlin, 2016]

‚Softwarebasierte Barrieren im Designprozess einreißen mit Sketch App‘; Artikel im Studio Blog [UIG Frühjahrstagung, 2016 – Geekettez Team Session]

‚Ready or not? No UI‘
Vom Verschwinden des Graphical User Interfaces. [Usability Kongress Frankfurt, 2013, Webmontag Mannheim, 2013, Geekettez Team Session]

‚User Experience, das Fundament‘
[World Usability Day, 2012 Mannheim, Geekettez Team Session plus Workshop]

‚Storytelling as a Design Tool‘ [Agile Design Camp, Hamburg 2011]

‚It’s all about communication. HCI made easy‘ Wie schaffen wir es aus puren control panels Systeme mit etwas mehr Persönlichkeit zu machen? [Webmontag Mannheim, 2011]