Things to watch, read, attend or listen to #04

What makes things cool?
Although trends might seem completely random, there are well-documented patterns to what becomes popular, like the mere exposure effect and habituation.

The Visual Interface of Voice UI

Ahava Leibtag on Content: Messaging and Marketing

„For me, the best metaphor that I use for content is that content is a conversation in a marketplace. In every marketplace, there’s a buyer and a seller. It’s important to know which role you’re playing.“

Because it is so often ignored and forgotten: Color Accessibility Workflows

Good designers are good listeners. They start by understanding, not solving

„Even though it might seem obvious, always avoid questions like, “How do you like it?” Ask specific and neutral questions like, “Do you have any concerns about what you’re looking at?” -Critical feedback can be hard to digest. But it’s the only way to grow and improve.“

Guess Who Made Computers The Design Tools They Are Today? Women.

A great article on „intuitive design (in German)

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