Google Duplex‘ natural speech pattern: It’s a human? No it’s not!

I think we now go really deep into the uncanny valley. I think it is of psychological and also sociological relevance that we know if we speak to another human or a machine.The point is, it may be perceived as cheating, playing with trust.

Where are we when we are talking about creating conversations that feel „human“ and „natural?“.

Imagine you ask your digital assistant or some conversational interface of your choice where you can get a „Berliner“ now. What will happen? How could a conversational interface distuingish between terms with multiple semantic meanings, semantically ambiguous terms or how could conversational interfaces deal with contextual – in the example below: regional language differences and/or natural talking behaviors of people?
For example, how could a conversational interface (like a voice interface) know, what a person who lives in Berlin means when she uses the term „Pfannkuchen“ which is in turn called „Berliner“ in other regions of Germany. Other examples may be „Tempo“ (= the brand vs the actual product which is a handkerchief ) , „Hamburger“ (=People live in Hamburg vs the food)

People have so much cognitive processing/work to do if they just want to achieve something quick. They have to talk and getting used to the language of the machine instead of just talking like they are used to talk. So as usual, the machines dictate how we should talk to them. I hear often the terms „human-like“ or „natural“ interaction but to be honest – instead I sometimes feel more and more like going back to a command line interface. :)

Plug & Pray

Leider selbst immer noch nicht gesehen – muss unbedingt nachgeholt werden.

Joseph Weizenbaum, der zu Beginn zu sehen ist, hat in den 60er Jahren am MIT übrigens ein interessantes Projekt namens „ELIZA“ gestartet. ELIZA ist ein Chatbot, der als Psychotherapeutin dienen sollte. Das besondere: ELIZA versucht, so natürlich wie ein realer Mensch zu „sprechen“

Jeder, der sich für AI interessiert, und das noch nicht kennt, sollte sich ELIZA mal näher anschauen…

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