UX Camp Europe 2019 Session: Friend or foe? Lessons learned from human-to-human interaction

After UX Camp Europe Berlin being around for 10 years now (Happy Birthday!), I finally made it this year and got a ticket. I always wanted to go there and looked jealously at Berlin when I was still living in Mannheim.

I am so excited being part of this largest European gathering of UX professionals!! Looking forward to 2 days of fun and learning. Thanks @uxcampeurope for the great orga so far! 😱 #UX #uxce19 pic.twitter.com/omF3CQ38Oc

— Christoph Eikmeier (@C_Eikmeier) June 8, 2019

finally made it to my first #uxce 👋say hi if you are here as well 😊 pic.twitter.com/CFSMk8sN0a

— steffi (@guerillagirl_) June 8, 2019

In a nutshell: This was a perfectly organized event with so many enthusiastic UX people around! Everything did run smooth, and the organizers showed great enthusiasm for what they were doing.
The atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly. With so many interesting sessions going on, so it was hard to decide where to go.

Good morning @uxcampeurope Sessionboard is full. Day 2 with more talks and further inspirations Yeah🎉❤️ #UX #uxce19 pic.twitter.com/vCTdV6Qdii

— Verena Scharnetzki (@scharnetzki13) June 9, 2019

Sadly Sunday I attended only one session, spending the rest of the morning preparing my slides and talk for my own session in the afternoon. I had to compete with Eric Reiss holding a session in the big audimax about ethics plus a few other sessions going on, so there were only a few attendees in my own session which was actually great. This was a real „improv show“ as I did not rehearse it and put the slides together and edited them really fast & spontaneously. So actually this was a good „real-life“ beta test run. :D Now I know also very well where I will make additions, refine and where to go more in depth.

Here are the slides.
CAVE: This is a rough, first „beta“ version of this talk- unpolished and there might be typos.

So thank you for this great event and hopefully seeing you all next year!

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