Designing for people, not systems

„People performing in systems have in common that they are each somebody, doing something, someplace”

Human Performance Model (Bailey, 1996)

So we have three components to consider here as claimed in Bailey’s Model of human performance.
The human (people with needs, goals, fears, questions). The context (environment). The activity (tasks)

Sounds too simple, no? But these components are often neglected: As the goal is to improve human performance in some area when designing/ developing a digital product, designers and developers should consider these three components throughout during the design and development process.
Whereas the human is the most complex of these elements, and too often, during the design / development of a digital product the focus is on activities (tasks) of those people and the system and not on the people with their goals who will be using it.

Book: Human Performance Engineering: Designing High Quality Professional User Interfaces for Computer Products, Applications and Systems (Bailey, 1996)

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