Things to watch, read, attend or listen to #03


Ikea is asking some interesting questions about the future of AI, how do we want our AI to speak and what form it should take. Do You Speak Human?

Persuasion, Design and ethics – and our responsibility as Designersa Formfunk podcast with Tristan Harris.

How millions of kids are being shaped by know-it-all voice assistants

All the things! My former university professor Andrea Krajewski wrote a great article about User Centred IoT-Design.

We live in a Multiscreen-World. Everything needs to work across devices. This requires a holistic strategy.

Context switching is a major source of feeling stressed The Road to Burnout is Paved With Context Switching

Happy Friday!

Awesome Gif Illustration (showing my level of tiredness at the moment): Livia Falcaru

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