My three alltime-favorite books for interaction designers.

Even though my shelf is very full of good ( and also not that good books) there are exactly three books that have had a tremendous impact on my professional thinking, and to which I keep coming back to again and again. Although some say Cooper is „outdated“ – I don’t think so – quite the contrary: I think it’s the most timeless classic ever written for interaction designers. And yes, I think the industry needs more „flamethrowers“. Bonus if they’re female, ha!

On spending money aka the yearly budgeting process.

Word. Static processes are not made for dynamic environments like it should be in digital product design.

„Budgeting prevents rapid response. [Businesses] need to respond rapidly to unpredictable events but the annual budgeting process was never designed for this purpose.” […] “You can’t predict the future,” […] “If your only ability to respond is to cut spending in October, then you’re not a responsive business. You’re not responding in the places where you can create growth, or where you have a new opportunity presenting itself.”

Gothelf, Jeff. Sense and Respond: How Successful Organizations Listen to Customers and Create New Products Continuously. Harvard Business Review Press.

Book Recommendation: Sense and Respond

Nowadays, organisations have to engage in a real-time dialog with their users. This requires re-thinking traditional top-down company cultures, which is important because, well, any business is a digital business somehow nowadays. 
So, here’s a book recommendation on that topic, I’m in the middle of reading this and enjoyed it so far, I really think although its mainly written for business people it’s really useful for designers who needs to consult and also lead digital product teams: Jeff Gothelf & Josh Seiden’s “Sense & Respond”. You can listen to the UIE podcast episode where the topic of the book is briefly discussed:)

Podcast Episode:

20 Things I learned about the Browser and the Web

20 Things I learned about the Browser and the Web ist ein auf HTML5 basierendes interaktives Buch, in welchem die Grundlagen über das Internet und Browser mit Illustrationen untermalt erklärt werden. Herausgegeben wurde es vom Google Chrome Team.

Man kann es jederzeit schließen, denn die Entwickler haben ein Lesezeichen eingebaut, welches sich merkt, wo man gerade war.

( thx @chriscoyier )

Where Good Ideas Come From

Der US Autor Steven Johnson, der schwerpunktmässig die kulturellen und soziologischen Auswirkungen der neuen Technologien unter die Lupe nimmt und der u.a. auch für die Wired schreibt, beschäftigt sich in seinem neuen Buch mit der Frage, wie gute Ideen entstehen. Dazu hat er ein toll visualisiertes Video gemacht
Auf Wired Magazine gibt es das Interview mit ihm und Kevin Kelly dazu.

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