Things to watch, read, attend or listen to #04

What makes things cool?
Although trends might seem completely random, there are well-documented patterns to what becomes popular, like the mere exposure effect and habituation.

The Visual Interface of Voice UI

Ahava Leibtag on Content: Messaging and Marketing

„For me, the best metaphor that I use for content is that content is a conversation in a marketplace. In every marketplace, there’s a buyer and a seller. It’s important to know which role you’re playing.“

Because it is so often ignored and forgotten: Color Accessibility Workflows

Good designers are good listeners. They start by understanding, not solving

„Even though it might seem obvious, always avoid questions like, “How do you like it?” Ask specific and neutral questions like, “Do you have any concerns about what you’re looking at?” -Critical feedback can be hard to digest. But it’s the only way to grow and improve.“

Guess Who Made Computers The Design Tools They Are Today? Women.

A great article on „intuitive design (in German)

Things to watch, read, attend or listen to #03


Ikea is asking some interesting questions about the future of AI, how do we want our AI to speak and what form it should take. Do You Speak Human?

Persuasion, Design and ethics – and our responsibility as Designersa Formfunk podcast with Tristan Harris.

How millions of kids are being shaped by know-it-all voice assistants

All the things! My former university professor Andrea Krajewski wrote a great article about User Centred IoT-Design.

We live in a Multiscreen-World. Everything needs to work across devices. This requires a holistic strategy.

Context switching is a major source of feeling stressed The Road to Burnout is Paved With Context Switching

Happy Friday!

Awesome Gif Illustration (showing my level of tiredness at the moment): Livia Falcaru

Things to watch, read, attend or listen to #02


The magic of microcopy: Words on a screen can never take the place of a real conversation, but good microcopy can show that real people created your product.

No access to real user groups? A list apart gives some great suggestions on how to do you do user research when you can’t get direct access to your users.

Focus on Quality Subscribers, Not QuantityThe Conversion Rate Illusion of Modal Newsletter Forms

„The real hard work for any design thinking process is the people part“ a great article about how to get practical results from design thinking

Stark is a color-blind simulator & contrast checker plugin for sketchapp. Check your designs directly in Sketch, because accessibility matters.

Women Who Design is a Twitter profile directory of inspiring women in the design industry created by Jules Forrest

A hackerspace for women in BerlinThe Heart of Code – has finally launched.

And last but not least: Our lovely Ladies that UX Berlin community is always looking for speakers! We’re a friendly community of women who are working or who are interested in the fields of user experience. It’s also a perfect place to train or sharpen your speaking skills. So, if you have something to share or just want to say hi ping me or send an email to our Berlin group if you are interested!

Image credit: The pigeon above illustrates exactly how I feel this week. Awesome work by Thoka Maer

Next weeks hashtag: #serenity

Yay, internet. Things to watch, read, attend or listen to #01


„You are the Alfred to Batman and not the other way around“: 6 storytelling principles to improve your UX

How do I convince people in my organization to take user experience seriously? I’ve tried giving brown-bag sessions on the importance of UX, but nothing has happened. A Proven Method For Showing The Value Of Good UX

I’m a woman in tech, and this is what I want in a company

„We talk about empathy all the time but its kind of a bullshitty word […] what we need is inclusion, we need to include people, not feel for them“ So true. UX Podcast #159 Politics or design? with Mike Monteiro

Berlin meetups to visit: A post-UX Camp Europe Satellite event brings the author Ian Fenn to this live discussion of his „Designing a UX Portfolio“ book. I’m really looking forward to this! RSVP to attend here

♥ The gif above comes from Cindy Suen. I think she is my new favorite illustrator.

I decided I while ago, that I will have a hashtag for each week to focus on, so my hashtag for the next week will be #listen

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