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I stumbled upon this little spot-the-difference design game via twitter. First I was a bit sceptical because I feared it will focus on design „trendy“ stuff (it actually isn’t) , but then I thought it’s actually a great little tool to train the eye for small design details (sometimes I had a hard time to spot any difference at all) and also it might be a nice game for students to sharpen / reflect visual design knowledge on dealing with color, contrast, consistency and many other things.

At the end, It’s just a game not more not less – so do not take it too seriously.

Philosophy Error Messages

I guess I really have an obsession with error messages. Yes, I collect them in some secret folder in my system because some are really silly. Additionally, I often find them not really helpful or quite unpolite – even in times where systems are getting more and more „intelligent“ and therefore should be capable of displaying helpful advice for _people_ instead of some unpolite advice or binary techy stuff.

So, what if systems could „think“ – I mean semantically. Wouldn’t it be fun to take system notifications and error messages to the next level by asking for the meaning of life with some metaphysical ontological questions?
Here they are, I guess they are perhaps more helpful than the real ones. At least they can make you smile – and think.


They refer to René Descartes, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Sigmund Freud, Burrhus Frederic Skinner, Erwin Schrödinger, Immanuel Kant and Albert Camus.

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Spam goes Art:
Die britische Illustratorin Linzie Hunter hat sehr coole Illustrationen mit ihrem Spam-One-Liners-Project gestaltet, denn sie hat ihre Spam Mails kurzerhand einfach mal illustriert. Und dies sehr gut, wie ich finde. So werden die schnöden mails for masses in einem völlig neuen Kontext dargestellt.
This is Art, Baby.

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