What is my job in one sentence ?

It’s not that easy to describe, really. I just spontaneously set myself a 15 min timeframe to write down what I actually say to others when I try to explain what I am doing for a living. I call myself an „experience strategist“. You can also say „user experience strategist“ or „user experience designer“, but often, users are also customers. And I have a broad understanding of „user experience“, which means I do not narrow it down to the usage of digital products but also to the interaction with the whole organization behind the product and the holistic perception which is generated by interacting with the company/organization (through their website, app, insert „touchpoint“ of your choice here).

This is really the core which came out of the long description:

We consult companies how they can reduce the discrepancy between business- and customer/user goals to ensure the business success of the company.

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