UXshot: Why would you need a design strategy?

Your (digital) product just wearing a pretty „make up“ and working well is not enough. Why Design strategy and UX is important and related to branding:

Today, companies are often seperated from the direct product-customer interaction. So, customers often begin to abandon the „cold“ interaction to those products – which appears often too anonymous to them. Instead you see a trend: they’ll look for smaller, local companies with a personal touch/approach because they feel engaged to them in an emotional way and this is the reason why your product needs a „soul“ (metaphorical) aka an emotional engaging brand and therefore a more positive emotional product experience which is often communicated as „user experience“.

A „scientific“ approach to a design driven company culture 

Look Ma, the sun is the center of the solar system!

How a set of „core principles“ will help you in accomplishing a shared design culture and understanding in your company.

In science theory there is an approach called „Methodology Of Scientific Research Programs“ which was introduced by Imre Lakatos who was a student of famous Karl Popper.
In general and simply explained, science theory helps us to understand in how science could make progress and wants to explain how we build our knowledge about the world and it’s therefore strongly connected to epistemology and these two ground philosophical questions:
„What is knowledge?“ and „How could we know what’s the truth?“
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