What I am doing in…February 2021

I took three weeks off to prepare for two exams for my psychology studies. However, the preparation is going rather poorly, I could have done more this semester, but the whole winter went rather sluggish… However, let’s do this. Nice side effect: The more I read the longer my blog idea list grows. :D

This is my desk right now
Image of my desk at the moment

Also, I decided to try out a Now Page where I share what I’m up to at the moment and this is what you are currently looking at. I decided to do not a „page“ that I will update regularly but try this as a category on my blog where – this is the plan- I can share monthly updates.
The idea comes from https://nownownow.com/about a project by Derek Sivers and I liked the idea right away, because I want to write more anyway!

I am also thinking about reducing the categories on this blog (this will be a painful task) and to add a „Talks“ category

Besides that I am currently reading: Future Ethics by Cennydd Bowles, which is a fantastic book. Almost done!

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