What I was doing in…March 2021

We finally have received the results of the examinations and I’m very happy with my results! Now I’ll continue with Industrial and Organizational Psychology and with Prio 2 community psychology which are my first courses in applied psychology! I’m looking forward to IO because there are some parallels to UX Work….:)

Organizations are crazy complex, so your best plans don't stand a chance. Learn to be flexible so you can adapt. #consulting #orgchange #OHPsych #IOPsych #iopsychmemes #psychology #psychologymemes #psychmemes #APpsych pic.twitter.com/odZ3JnmylZ

— I-O Psych Memes (@iopsychmemes) March 20, 2021

Besides I’m about to finish a course about cognitive psychology in instructional design at my university.

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