Comparing user goals and business goals side by side to show the gaps

When listening to the latest NN/g podcast episode 18 („Presenting UX Work in a compelling way“) I noticed this phrase from David Glazier. When asked for advice for eg prepare for a presentation or prepare for upcoming research he said

“ (…) find out what business (goals) are they after so you can compare your user goals and insights to those things. I think that is one of the most powerful slides in a presentation for executives is when they see business needs and user needs *side by side* and showing line item 1 on each side it harmonious with each other or dissonant to understand where you’re winning or where you need to focus (…) „

Even though it is actually so clear, and I wrote my thoughts about that topic a few times (for example here) , it kind of struck me (the side by side thing) and I instantly draw a quick/rough note for me to remind me of that. Maybe you’ll find that helpful, too.

So, here’s the link to the episode which I can highly recommend:!e8dfc

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