Human-Computer Interfaces – Xerox Star GUI

The Xerox Star was an early commercial computer introduced in 1981. It was the first computer mimicking the office paradigm to make computer operation more easy for people by using icons representing familiar office objects like the „document“ icon, folder icon and a two-button mouse, many of them later have become standard in personal desktop computers, like in 1983 the Apple Lisa did. Before, in 1973 the Xerox Alto introduced the first graphical user interface ever.

Evolution of the document icon shape
The Evolution of the document icon shape in Xerox Star.
Image: Wikipeda

The best Interface is no Interface

Let people solve their problems (which _is_ our primary goal as Designers) without creating more ‚problems‘ due complex interfaces :)

@goldenkrishna of cooper talks about No UI:

The best interface is no interface from Cooper on Vimeo.

Complete Article:

The New Multi-screen World: Making seamless experiences between devices

Google published a research report on how consumers use different devices together and navigating the new multi-screen world. Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior

Imagine you’re on your way home sitting in the train book your next trip online via your smartphone – wooops- connection loss! You’re coming home, sitting on your desktop device /tablet whatever-device and could proceed just from where you left without running through the whole process.
Or you’re watching a video on your desktop device, stopping due some work etc.. then later switching to your smartphone and there’s a seamless changeover and you could just watch further from where you stopped.

„90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal, whether that’s on smartphones, PCs, tablets or TV. We set out to learn not just how much of our media consumption happens on screens, but also how we use these multiple devices together, and what that means for the way that businesses connect with consumers.

…so making experiences seamless between devices is key“

Blog Post about the topic:

Full report:

Plug & Pray

Leider selbst immer noch nicht gesehen – muss unbedingt nachgeholt werden.

Joseph Weizenbaum, der zu Beginn zu sehen ist, hat in den 60er Jahren am MIT übrigens ein interessantes Projekt namens „ELIZA“ gestartet. ELIZA ist ein Chatbot, der als Psychotherapeutin dienen sollte. Das besondere: ELIZA versucht, so natürlich wie ein realer Mensch zu „sprechen“

Jeder, der sich für AI interessiert, und das noch nicht kennt, sollte sich ELIZA mal näher anschauen…

Mensch-Maschine-Interaktion Vorlesungen auf I Tunes U

Gefunden und für superinteressant erachtet: Vorlesungen der LMU München/ Fak. f. Mathematik, Informatik & Statistik sowie der Fak. für Psychologie & Pädagogik über HCI:

Themen sind u.a. Informationsverarbeitung des Menschen, Mentale Modelle, Designmethoden.

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